Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 6 - Techie stuff

Well, I checked out and yes I can see a potential use (if I can remember how to use it....).

Technorati was very interesting. When I searched Library 2.0, only the first item was related to us.

I chose Lifehacker from the top favorite blogs, since I thought it might be useful, Music from the top searches (which didn't appeal to me), and Gizmo from the top blogs. since I'm still learning to be a techie person, I'll have to go back and learn more about these when I have more time.

I do plan to try some of the optional things later also.

I read Away from the Iceberg and To a Temporary Place in Time. Both were very thought provoking. As FCPL staff are given the opportunity to become more technology oriented, I look forward to participating, even though I'm a bit of a fossil.

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