Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wow! What a trip. I'm so glad I participated and actually finished, with a few minutes to spare. There were some things that I was already familiar with, but on the whole, I learned so much that it's hard to put into words.

I have a blog for my Middletown Genies group, but I think I understand more now about how to use it, and I've had training on Overdrive and NetLibrary.

I really liked The LibraryThing, the fdtoys and the GoogleDocs. I think I'd definitely use them in the future (for my lifelong learning).

I was surprised that I liked YouTube and Podcasts, since I thought they were mostly for "younger" people. I feel younger already.

Since I found it more difficult to participate in the summer because of the Summer Reading Program and all its activities, I would have liked it better maybe during the winter, when things at Middletown are a little slower paced. But that would be my only suggestion. Lesa and James were excellent leaders.

I would definitely participate again. It just goes to show you, you can teach "old dogs" new tricks. If I didn't work for the library, I probably would not be as techie-smart as I am. Now to figure out how to send my Tracking Log to James.

Thanks for the ride!

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James said...

congratulations on completing the 23 things! i'm glad you found some things in the program that were review (downloadable audio books) and some things that were new.

thanks for the feedback on ways we can improve similar future programs.

i'll be emailing tomorrow with a few loose ends we have to tie up, but congratulations on seeing the prgram through to the end!!!